Round 4, Flat Foot, Manfeild, Feb. 2019


Everyone’s eyes were on the weather for this meeting as the weather forecast had been predicting a very wet weekend. Perhaps, it was fortunate for us that there was a high level of uncertainty from the forecasters and we managed 2 dry races.


Mark Galvin returned after much work on the Terra FX to eliminate the problems from the Legends of Bathurst.


The three way challenge for the lead of the series was set to continue.


Tim Sillay made a welcome return after an 8 month rebuild of the Mallock with the engine now fuel injected.


Anthony Barker was driving ARES after missing The NZ Motor Cup meeting.




The usual regulars were there for practice making adjustments in order to gain that little bit extra speed.


Nick took Beulah out in the Reynard to give her a better appreciation of racing on the track. However, after scrutineering the Reynard became locked in reverse which necessitated a strip down and rebuild of the diff. It was the first of more challenges for the weekend.


Anthony had a spin or two as he adjusted the brake bias.




Grant Dalton was the only one to qualify under 1m 7s.


Robert Hulme, Nick Barker and Richard Kelly all qualified within .06s of each other with Robert being the fastest at 1m 07.933s.


A short distance back, were Anthony Barker, Pete De Joux and Geoff Harriman.


Steve Sharp and Jake Haag also qualified close together with Tim Sillay having fuel pressure problems.


Race 1


Robert took the lead from grid 2 to lead Grant until he had a suspension failure on lap 6.


Nick returned to the pits as the relay for the air compressor failed.


Richard picked up the pace to finish just behind Grant, followed by Geoff, Pete who also improved his pace and Anthony.


Tim ran as high as 5th place until the fuel pressure problems forced him to retire.


Steve and Jaake traded lap times until Jaake retired on lap 7.



Race 2


Despite the track being wet in the morning, it dried very quickly so that we enjoyed a dry race.


This time Grant led the field away with much jostling for position behind him into turn 1. Pete made an outstanding move into turn 1 on the inside of Nick from grid 5 to take second place.


Richard was also trying hard to head Nick into turn 1 and locked a wheel, thereby allowing Nick through. However, Richard took third place back from Nick out of turn 1 until Nick dived down the inside into Splash.


The race positions then settled down until Anthony spun at turn 1 which allowed Steve and Jaake through.


Nick then spun out of turn 1 which allowed Richard through into third place, which he held to the end of the race.


Anthony had a second spin at Splash which again allowed Steve and Jaake through.


Pete had an excellent drive to finish only 2s behind Grant.



Race 3


The race was definitely very wet and only a small field ventured out.


Grant again led the field into turn 1.


Nick had a look up the inside at Splash only to spin and allow Richard and Pete through. It looked as though his race was over as he set off again. He drove well to take the race lead by lap 4.


Richard also drove well to cross the finish line in second place.





The race results reflected good competition at the front of the field.


Pete De Joux showed that he is coming to grips with the Juno with an outstanding drive in race 2.


Richard Kelly continued to show the pace he had found at Hampton Downs.


Nick Barker had an excellent drive in the wet.


Steve Sharp and Jaake Haag posted very similar lap times which bodes well for good racing.


Video links that make for good viewing are:


The next meeting at Taupo should be a great event as the Fomula Libre cars will be joining us and I hear that there will be a good number of Formula Pacifics racing.