Round 2, Legends of Bathurst, Hampton Downs, Jan. 2019

We now moved to Hampton Downs to run on the international circuit. Mateos and Atomise generously sponsored this round, which enabled Fastfiles to produce an excellent video of the racing.


An excellent field of twenty three cars were entered. The biggest surprise was Pete De Joux arriving with the ex David Glasson Juno. Pete had a smile on his face all weekend and no doubt many wished that they were in his place.


Ken Smith, Tony Quinn, James Watson and Gary Rush headed the field with their Formula Pacifics.


Mark Galvin and Alan Barker had a troubled weekend with various hard to find problems preventing them from any meaningful track time.


Geoff Harriman was driving his Ralt RT20.


Robert Hulme was sporting new diffusers in his continuing quest for more performance.


Richard Kelly and Steve Sharp were set to continue on from the Manfeild round.


Jakke Haag made his first appearance in a sports car, driving the ex Pete De Joux’s Mission T5.


Nick Rae joined us for the first time this season after many modifications to his Radical. The most obvious changes were the front splitter and rear diffuser.


Tony Carruthers, once again, joined us from Canada with his Swift S2000.





We enjoyed three practice runs where everyone was working hard to improve the set up of their cars. Pete De Joux and Jakke Haag took time to familiarize themselves with their new cars.


Nick Rae experienced overheating and set off to replace the radiator.


Nick Barker while setting the fastest sports car practice time, was experiencing a lot of oversteer.




Kenny Smith had new tyres on his Swift and set a blistering lap time of 1m 31.7s which was more than a second faster than James Watson. The four Formula Pacifics headed the times, followed by Geoff Harriman who was just ahead of Nick Barker.


The fastest sports car was Nick Barker who just saw off Robert Hulme by .3s.


Richard Kelly was next followed by Anthony Barker.


Steve Sharp set an excellent lap time and was sandwiched by two single seaters.


Race 1


The first start of the race was chaotic when only the back half of the field saw the green start light.  So the field reformed and a new start made.


The race promised much when Robert Hulme, Nick Barker and Richard Kelly came out turn 2 three abreast. Robert had made a fast start to lead into the corner and then running wide to allow Nick and Richard to jump inside.


However, the racing was short lived when it was red flagged due to James Watson stopping and Geoff hitting the inside wall on entering the pit straight.


Shortly after, the pace car came out due to another car off the track.


Racing resumed with a lap to go where upon Robert just managed to pip Richard to the finish.



Race 2


The three leading Formula Pacifics stepped away from the start and were not challenged by the sports cars.


Robert made a strong start to pass Nick B down the back straight.


Meanwhile both James Watson and Alan Barker who started from the back of the field were on a charge. James passed Nick on the pit straight while Alan succumbed to more problems on lap 2.


Richard was able to pass Nick when he slowed due to overheating and on the following lap he passed the faltering Nemesis of Robert. With his series leading rivals behind him, Richard set some serious times to ensure that he was the first sports car across the line.


Nick also managed to pass Robert but was unable to make any move on Richard stick.


Anthony Barker who had been circulating behind Richard had an off track excursion on his last lap which dropped him to the back of the field.


Steve Sharp was caught and passed by Pete de Joux and Grant Rivers.


Nick Rae and Jakke Haag circulated in close proximity in the early part of the race with Nick finishing behind Steve.


Race 3


The race commenced with rain clouds heading towards us. We were lucky to have only a few drops, which allowed everyone to continue on slicks.


Robert led Nick and Richard from the start. However, Nick was able to pass Robert to lead across the finish line. Robert soon regained his position, which he held for the net few laps until he experienced gearbox problems.


Late in the race Anthony challenged Richard out of turn 2 and through turn 3 where Anthony then led through to the finish.


Steve Sharp and Pete De Joux were never far apart during the race.




The challenge for the lead of the Overall and Prosport series between Robert, Richard and Nick continued throughout the meeting with no one being able to take a commanding lead.


Pete De Joux had a great weekend with his new Juno.


Steve Sharp continued his record of finishing all races.


Jakke Haag was a welcome addition to the field and Team Atomise.


Many thanks to Beulah, Anton, Sabine and Jo for helping with the barbecue.